The leather is an expensive product which gives a fine look to all the products using this material, but it needs great care to protect it for a long time. Like every other thing, if you expose leather constantly to sunlight, dirt, heat and humidity, they ruin its looks.  Hence, you need proper care and cleaning with the right product to increase the lifespan of leather.

Lexol pH Leather Cleaner

A leather cleaner is a product which removes dirt, grime, oils and any foreign substance from your leather surface which otherwise can trap in the leather pores and damage it. The leather cleaner prepares the leather surface for conditioning and moisturizing, and removes the oils and polish already present on the surface and clean it.

Lexol pH for leather cleaning is a natural product available in the market which serves as a best alternative to harsh, toxic and alkaline products. Alkaline products dry out the material resulting in leather hardening and causing cracks in it.

Product Observations:

Packaging It comes in a spray bottle; hence, easy to apply.

Consistency:  Lexol cleaner is a thin liquid. The consistency is just like of a bit thickened liquid soap.

Scent: Neither it has a pleasant smell, nor it gives a harsh chemical smell. Additionally, the smell doesn’t stay long and quickly fades away.



Lexol-pH is manufactured to match the pH of the leather. It is a balanced product which preserves leather texture, strength and increases its appeal and durability.

Foaming Action:

The foaming action of Lexol pH penetrates even into the pores of the leather and lift up the stubborn dirt and oils. These can then be easily wiped out.

No Residue:

Unlike alkaline soaps, Lexol-pH does not leave product residues consequently doesn’t cause fiber deterioration of the leather.

Silicones & Oil-free:

Lexol-pH Leather Cleaner is free of silicones, alcohols, oils and waxes which mean it doesn’t hinder the cleaning process; additionally, it doesn’t cause any buildup.


Lexol_pH is a concentrated solution which means a small quantity of the product will be enough to remove stains.


Lexol – pH is easy to apply. First, spray the cleaner on a towel and rub it onto the leather. Gently rub it on the seats to remove the trapped dirt. When you rub, it will generate bubbles which will help in removing the dirt and grime. After rubbing, clean the surface with a damp towel. Afterwards, use conditioner to moisturize and condition the leather. Lexol_pH cleaning kit comes with a conditioner too. Put some amount of conditioner on the applicator, and gently rub it all over the leather surface. Give it almost two minutes and wipe off the excess product with clean towel.


  • Gentle for fine leather but strong against stains.
  • Contain no additives, silicones or oils.
  • Leave no residue
  • Easy to rinse
  • It has Glycerine – rich pH formula which makes leather soft and supple.
  • Effectively remove dirt and grime.
  • It is ideal to use on luggage, footwear, furniture, leather auto upholstery, handbags, briefcases and sports equipment.
  • It is best for maintenance of your vehicle

  • It is toxic to human skin so apply it after wearing gloves.
  • Not suitable to be used on suede or extremely soft leathers.
  • It is not effective in the leather restoration
  • It will not help in reviving worn out discolored

Lexol – pH is a pure cleaner which does not contain toxic silicones and oils. Despite its unpleasant odor, it is appealing to the users. It is effective for cleaning the cracks in the products. It not only makes leather clean but makes it more attractive, shiny and clean.