Lexol ph Leather Cleaner Review

Leather is a fantastic, natural yet luxurious material that is not only beautifully attractive, but also strong and durable. Its popularity derives from the fact that it gives a look of pleasant refinement to all of the products for which it is used as a component. Unfortunately, just like most every other thing in this world, if you constantly expose leather to sunlight, dirt, heat and humidity, the elements will certainly ruin its appearance and badly damage its condition.

Because of this, leather needs a great amount of care in order to protect it for a long time, and you need to provide proper maintenance and cleaning with just the right product in order to preserve the good condition and increase the lifespan of your leather. In response to this important need, researchers have developed a number of unique cleaning products that are formulated especially just for leather.

Lexol ph Leather Cleaner Review

These innovative leather cleaners are powerful products that remove the dirt, grime, grease and oils as well as most any other foreign substances from the surfaces of your leather goods, which will otherwise become trapped in the leather pores and damage your valuable possessions. A really good leather cleaner will prepare the leather surface for conditioning and moisturizing by first removing the oils and polish that are already present on the surface, and then secondly,  cleaning it deeply and thoroughly.

One of this most excellent examples of this type of product is Lexol pH for Leather Cleaning, which is widely available on the market. Lexol pH Leather Cleaner is a natural product,  so it serves as one of the best alternatives to harsh, toxic and alkaline products. Alkaline products are well-known for drying out this type of natural material, which results in the leather hardening, and this in turn then causes cracks in it.

Lexol pH Leather Cleaner
Item Weight8 ounces
Product Dimensions3 x 3 x 8 inches
Item model number430026
Manufacturer Part Number1119

Product Observations:

Packaging This popular product comes in a spray bottle, so it’s really easy to apply it. Just point and shoot. Your leather cleaning work has never been easier or faster!

Consistency:  Lexol pH Leather Cleaner is a fairly thin liquid. The consistency is just like that of a slightly thickened liquid soap. As a result, it’s quite easy to handle and goes on smoothly. So, you don’t need to put a lot of effort and muscle into getting this important cleaning job done.

Scent: It has neither a pleasant smell, nor does it give off a harsh chemical odor. Additionally, the smell doesn’t last very long, but quickly fades away. This makes using this product much less annoying than working with some other leathers cleaners that have a strong and persistent smell.



Lexol pH Leather Cleaner is scientifically developed and manufactured with the intention of closely matching the pH of the most common of the various types of leather. This means that it is a balanced product that effectively preserves the texture and strength of your leather and increases its appeal and durability. Therefore, it’s definitely the kind of product that you want to keep on hand around your household.

Foaming Action:

The unique and amazing foaming action of Lexol pH creates bubbles that penetrate even into the pores of the leather and works hard to lift out the stubborn dirt and oils. These impurities can then be easily wiped out. This leaves you with leather that shines with an impressive glow.

No Residue:

Unlike alkaline soaps, Lexol pH does not leave behind any product residues and consequently doesn’t cause fiber deterioration of the leather. Instead, you’ll enjoy having a material that looks pure and immaculate.

Silicones & Oil-free:

Lexol pH Leather Cleaner is free of silicones, alcohols, oils and waxes, which means that the cleaning process isn’t hindered by these extraneous ingredients. Additionally, it doesn’t cause any buildup on the surface of the leather. The result is a bright smooth appearance rather than the blotchy dull look you often get with other, less pure leather cleaners.


Lexol pH is a concentrated solution, which means that just a small quantity of the product will be enough to remove all but the most difficult stains. This reduces the hassles that you face when doing this chore and saves you both time and money.


Lexol pH is actually really easy to apply. First, spray a small amount of the cleaner onto a towel, and then rub it onto the leather. For example, you can gently rub it on the seats of you car in order to remove the trapped dust and dirt. When you rub it in, it will generate a multitude of bubbles which help Lexol ph Leather Cleanerwith bringing out the dirt and grime from the pores of the leather. After a bit of vigorous rubbing, wipe the surface clean with a sizeable damp towel. Afterwards, you’re going to want to use a conditioner to moisturize and condition the leather. Surprisingly enough, the Lexol pH cleaning kit also conveniently comes with a conditioner, too. So, at this point, you know that you made a wise decision when you picked up this product. All you need to do is just put a moderate amount of the conditioner on the applicator, and gently apply it evenly all over the entire surface of the leather. Following this, wait about two minutes and then carefully  wipe off all of the excess product with a nice clean towel.


  • The Lexol pH formula contains no additives, silicones or oils. So, there’s no need to worry about it harming not only your leather but also you, your family and the environment.
  • The use of this fine product leaves no residue behind, so your leather ends up looking really and truly clean. You’ll be amazed by how fabulous the results are!
  • It’s easy to rinse off, which allows you to make easy work of taking good care of your leather. You finish up more quickly, so you have more time to relax.
  • It has a glycerine-rich pH formula that makes your leather soft and supple, basically as good as new. What good is clean leather if it doesn’t also look great?
  • This great cleaner effectively and efficiently removes dirt and grime. This is really the primary major selling point of Lexol pH, which makes it one of the most popular leather cleaners.
  • It is ideal for use on luggage, footwear, furniture, leather auto upholstery, handbags, briefcases and sports equipment. Basically, it’s good for cleaning anything you have that’s made of leather.
  • It is one of the best products available on the market that has been especially developed for the maintenance of the leather in your vehicle and home. Knowing this, it should be easy to complete your decision making process quickly when it comes time to choose which leather cleaner to purchase.


  • It is slightly toxic to human skin, so you really need to put some gloves on before applying it. The formula is not dangerous, but there’s no need to risk any amount of irritation toward your skin.
  • It’s not suitable for use on suede or extremely soft leathers. These materials havecharacteristics and properties that are rather different from the main types of leather, so you’ll need to buy an alternative cleaner if you have items made from them that you want to clean.
  • Although it’s great for cleaning, it is not effective for the restoration of old leather. If your leather is damaged, there are other more appropriate products that you can choose from.
  • Similarly, it will not help with reviving worn-out discolored leather. Aged and faded leather requires the use of a different type of leather care product.


Lexol pH Leather Cleaner is a pure cleaner that does not contain toxic silicones and oils. Despite its slightly unpleasant odor, it is still quite appealing to consumers because of its convenience of use. In addition, It is very effective for cleaning the surface of any of your leather items, and it not only makes your leather spotlessly clean and prevents cracking, but it also makes it much more attractive, shiny and strong. Try Lexol pH Leather Cleaner today and you’ll see just how great it is!

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