As a car enthusiast, nothing looks better to you than a car which has been perfectly detailed, making it look brand new. In order to achieve it, you have washed the car, cleaned the wheel and the arches and applied a new coat of wax or ceramic coating to it. However, you are just not able to achieve the complete look that you crave for because of your faded tires.

Tires and wheels play a great role in the overall appearance of a vehicle but they are however often overlooked. Along with the glossy body, the properly cared tire will significantly add to the overall value of your vehicle, and if you want your tires to have the best possible look, then Tire shine is what you are looking for.

In addition to the visual appeal, tire dressings also help to revitalize the rubber and in general prevent the tires from drying up and cracking. These products are nothing but high refractive index oils, combined with a carrier to suspend them, which are soaked into the rubber. The carrier can be water (water-based dressings) or a hydrocarbon silicone (solvent based dressings). Tire shines are also available in wax and gel formats in addition to sprayable and foam.

A lot of tire shiners are currently available in the market and all of them have great reviews from customers. Now that you know what and why of tire shine products, let’s review some tire shine products that we considered were good enough to feature in our list.

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel– The enthusiast’s favourite

If you are looking for a product that lasts long through several washes and even in the rains, then Meguiar’s Endurance Gel is what you are looking for. The gel, formulated from advanced polymers to make it last for weeks, provides a clean and high gloss look.

Endurance tire gel keeps tire off from dirt and grime as well as protecting them from UV damages and browning.  Additionally, since the product is a rich gel it is relatively easy to apply. You won’t have to have to worry about overspray or drips and streaks on the driveway as the excess product can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth thus preventing staining.

The brand has managed to garner good reviews in the past and continues to be a favorite for many retailers.

Autoglym Easy to Use Instant Tire Dressing: The Shine spray for best Matte finish

If you are that type of person who feels high gloss is artificial, then Autoglym’s Instant Tire dressing is the product you need. This fast and easy to use water-based tire dresser gives a matte or light sheen finish to the tires which can last for a couple of weeks even though rains.

The product can be sprayed directly to the walls of the tires and hugely reduces the time taken to apply the dressing. However, the direct application may result in a bit of overspray. To avoid this, spray the dressing onto a sponge and then apply it to the tires.

Once applied you have two options, to get a matte finish to wipe off the excess using a microfiber cloth and for a light sheen finish, leave the dressing on for a longer time. The Instant tire dressing has received generally positive reviews and comes across as a great value for money product.

Chemical Guys Silk Shine Sprayable– For the silky smooth looking tires:

This is another water-based sprayable product which is can be applied to both tires and the interior plastic, vinyl and leather accessories of the vehicle. It has a great scent and gives a silky satin finish when applied. The product does not leave any oily residue behind which makes it great for both exterior and interior applications.

The weather-tek technology from Chemical Guys makes sure that the dressing endures rough weather and numerous washes. It has exceptional quality to prevent fading of tires and maintain the deep black colour for a longer time. In addition to durability it also protects tire from UV damage.

Being a water based tire shiner, this is again a good value for money product. In order to apply spray the product on a sponge and apply it to the tyre walls to avoid overspray.

TriNova Tire Shine Spray, the dust and grime repellent master.

TriNova Tire shine spray with its highly desirable quality of repelling dust and grime, while giving the user an option to achieve varying levels of shine, makes it a good product for many auto detailing experts and car enthusiasts.

This shiner gives the tires a dark colour and wet look. It also protects the tires from fading or cracking and thus prevents long term damage to them.

This shiner lasts for a long time and at the same time keeps the tires new looking, because of its dirt repellent properties. However some reviews from customers show that though the product lasts long, it loses its glossiness over time.

You can achieve higher gloss by leaving the shine spray on the tires for a longer duration before wiping off. The longer you leave the shiner on tires, the more slick and glossy it becomes.

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam– The Cheap and Effective shiner

While not as shiny as the Meguiar’s and Trinova’s shine products, the Tire wet foam from Black Magic does come really close to those at a much cheaper price. Unlike the others, this tire shine product can clean and shine your tires in a single application, making it good enough to feature in this list.

This unique formula of polymers and hydrocarbon silicones is designed to last for a couple of weeks. The Tire wet foam automatically fills in the small scuffs and cracks in the tyres to give it a self-healing effect.

This product from Black Magic need not be wiped or rubbed into, all you need to do is spray and walk away. The foam will cling to the tire, dissolving and releasing dirt and grime in the process and leaving your tire wet, clean and shiny in 10 minutes.

Griot’s Garage Long-Lasting Tire Dressing– The high endurance dressing for all weathers.

The Long Lasting tire dressing from Griot’s Garage has been designed to withstand rough weather conditions. If high durability is what you need, then you should consider giving this tire shiner product a go.

This tire dressing also allows you to have varying levels of shine with one layer of the product giving a satin finish and multiple layers giving the tires a nice glossy look along with better protection. It does not leave behind any greasy or slimy residue and protects the tires from drying and cracking.

This tire shine product comes in liquid form and hence it is easy to apply without worrying about overspray or drips and spills. The product is highly waterproof and no water spots are formed even during rainy seasons. Can be used on the black plastic and rubber bumpers and even plastic engine parts.

Though its price is on the higher side, it offers excellent results and has received good reviews for its durability and endurance

Car Guys Plastic Restorer: To bring your tire back from the dead.

This water based tire shiner with Car Guys patented polymer formula is the best product to bring the faded plastic and rubber accessories including tires, bumpers and dashboards in your vehicle back to life by giving it a deep colour and shiny look.

The product has been tried on by many people to revive their old plastic and vinyl accessories and all of them have given good reviews for the product.

The plastic restorer is also pretty durable with the product being able to last for a couple of months. It provides protection from UV effects of drying and cracking and protects tire from long term damage.

Similar to most products in the list, this too does not leave behind any slimy or oily mess and is highly water repellent. The best part is that if you are not satisfied with the product, Car Guys are ready to give you a full refund on the product.

Again this is a product on the slightly higher price range, but it is totally effective and would manage to make the faded plastic and tires on your car look brand new after being applied.

Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Dresser, the one with the long lasting customers.

Reading the reviews of this particular shine product will certainly tell you that people have been using Stoner Car Care for a long time. This brand is known for being the car enthusiast’s and auto-detailer’s favourite for many years and More shine Tire Dresser also manages to impress in a similar way.

This superfast dresser manages to shine four tires within a minute. The shiner only needs to be sprayed and there is no need to wipe or rub the product. It contains no surfactants that dissolve in water or evaporate easily, thus making effects of the shiner last longer.

For matte finish, spray a light coating and use multiple coatings to get is shiny glossy look.

How to apply tire shine?

Before applying the dressing to your tires, you’ll need to clean them well. Use a cleaning solution to remove the dust dirt and grime from the tires. Use of cleaning agent is a must, as cleaning with water alone may not remove the dirt that is embedded deeply in the tires. Removing the embedded dirt helps the tires to absorb the dressing better when applied.

After cleaned leave the tires to dry completely. While some tire shines can be applied to both wet and dry tires, experts suggest that for best results it is highly recommended that you apply the tire shine on dry tires.Applying dressing on wet tires causes slicking, which is not desirable.

The next step is to apply the tire shine to your tire walls.Always choose the best products to get good long-lasting results. Read the instructions given on the product to know how to apply it.

If you are using a shine spray or a liquid that didn’t come with its applicator, use a sponge to apply so as to avoid overspray and drips.

After applying the tire shine allow it to settle and penetrate deep, before removing the excess off from the tire. Gently dab the excess tire shine off with a sponge. For shiners that allow you control the level of gloss, apply a second or third coating to achieve the desired results.

Can I use Homemade tire shine?

Yes. Homemade tire shines are a good option if you are looking to cut down some extra costs. The easiest way to make homemade tire shine would to mix an oil (baby oil, castor oil or lemon oil) with warm water. Add two three drops of soap to it and shake the mixture well. Spray it on to your tires and wipe off the excess. The soap acts as the cleaning agent and oil gives a shiny look to the tires.

The other method is to clean your tires first using soap. Then apply alcohol to strip off the old polish and remaining dust and grime from it. Wipe the alcohol off with a microfiber towel till the tire is dry.

Now apply castor oil to the tires with a non-lint cloth till they look shiny and clean. Castor oil nourishes rubber without drying it out. It is also environmentally friendly and people have generally given good reviews after using it.

If you are into DIY stuff, then this would be ideal for you, otherwise sticking to a premade product would be the most viable option.

Choosing the best tire dressing:

There is no perfect way of finding the best tire shine product in the market today. Though all products guarantee the best effects, a lot of factors like weather, driving conditions and the type of rubber used in tires affect how long the shine is going to last.  At the end of the day all that matters is that the tires look clean and glossy for a longer time.

So don’t hesitate to experiment with a few products before you finalize on one particular brand. Checking out reviews by other customers who have used a particular tire shiner would also give a great insight into how well the product is performing.

However some brands like Meguiar’s and Stoners have been around for long and been used by many auto detailers, managing to get good reviews from them for its performance. Using these products would be a good place to start with if you are unable to finalize on a product.


In order to get the best result it is ideal that you use a tire shine product that suits your needs perfectly. We have reviewed and listed some products that we felt were the best, but you are open to stick to your own brands if you have been getting good results using them.

Consider your budget and ease of application along the level of glossiness that you need in order to find the best product for your vehicle. This would help you achieve long lasting and good looks for your tires.