Baby Strollers

When you start shopping for a stroller for your baby, the sheer number of choices that are available can make it feel as though you are buying a car, not a stroller. Of course, the main goal is to keep your baby safe and comfortable, but you need something that will fit your budget too. Today we are here to learn more about the features that today’s strollers are equipped with and help you find the best option for your baby. Let’s get rolling.

Do I Need a Travel System?

Depending on your needs, the all-in-one travel system could be the right choice for you.
Travel systems consist of a stroller, an infant car seat and the car seat base for your car. The car seat easily transfers from the car seat base inside the car and snaps onto the stroller.
If you’ve got a car that doesn’t have a lot of room in the trunk for a bulky travel system stroller, this might not be the best choice for you. Also, if you live in a city where you will often need to navigate stairs, you might want to consider a separate car seat and stroller instead.

Types of Baby Strollers

  • Lightweight strollers (often called umbrella strollers) don’t offer any frills or features and have little in the way of padding for your baby. They take up very little space once folded, though. This type of stroller isn’t really suitable for infants but can often be a great backup option for older babies and toddlers.
  • Standard strollers offer several options. The seat is adjustable and is usually comfortably padded. There are generally spaces below the seat for storage and sunshades to protect your baby. In some models the baby faces forward, and in others your baby faces you. There are both basic models as well as ones that are loaded with options.
  • Jogging strollers have three wheels and are built on a lightweight frame so that they can easily be maneuvered during walks, runs and hikes. While these strollers are a great choice for active parents, they are definitely not space savers.
  • Double (or more) strollers are made to comfortably and safely carry more than one baby at a time. Sometimes these are meant for just infants while other options can carry an infant as well as a toddler.

4 Wheel Travel System

For any moving thing on wheels, the standard is to have four wheels. You will find that most strollers have four wheels, too. There is a purpose to these items having four wheels.
When something has four wheels, it will have a better center of gravity as well as more stability. This is just as true when it comes to baby strollers like a 4 wheel travel system.
While the benefits mentioned above are good ones, there are some disadvantages to having four wheels on a baby stroller. You will lose a bit of maneuverability as turns will need to be wide to accommodate the stroller’s path while turning.
While in their stroller, you want your baby to be as safe as possible, and a four wheel travel system is one of the safest options there is when it comes to baby strollers.
As well as being safe, these travel systems are convenient as they offer the stroller, car seat and base in one system.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco has been a long standing favorite in the car seat and stroller market, and it seems as though they get better with time.
The stroller itself is a favorite as it is simple to fold using just one hand. The stroller weighs 23 pounds and folds to a relatively compact 16 x 22 x 28 inches. Once folded it also stays standing to save space while being stored.

The stroller’s seat can be adjusted to lie fully flat or it can be left fully seated and can be positioned anywhere between. This ensures that no matter what, your baby will be comfortable.

The wheels allow for ease of movement on nearly any terrain, the fabric is easy to clean and there is a large easily accessible storage basket beneath the seat. The handle is height adjustable so that both parents can comfortably push, and the step brake makes it easy to keep the stroller anchored in place.

The car seat that comes with this system will hold children between 4 pounds and 30 pounds. The standard safety feature LATCH connections are easy to install in your car, and there is a bubble level on the base so that you know if it is level. The seat is a good size, but still comfortably fits in most compact cars.

Peg Perego Booklet Travel System

Strollers and travel systems from Peg Perego are ones that are on the higher end in both price and quality. The design may seem simple, but it is still high class and is full of features that parents – and babies – love.

The wheels of the Peg Perego Booklet feature ball bearings and a suspension system that will ride smooth on just about any surface for regular use. Remember that these types of strollers are not meant for jogging. The front wheels can be locked in place or you can adjust them so that they will swivel. The rear wheels are always fixed.

Clocking in at less than 20 pounds, the Booklet from Peg Perego is a lightweight option for a 4 wheel travel system. A favorite feature for parents is that the Booklet can be opened or closed with just one hand. The brake can be easily operated by foot, ensuring that your stroller doesn’t roll away. There is a sun visor that provides UPF50+ sun blocking, the handle is height adjustable and there is a large storage basket beneath the adjustable baby’s seat.

The car seat that comes with this travel system is the Primo Viaggio 4-35 that will accommodate your baby from birth up to 50 pounds. It will easily fit into your car and snap onto the stroller with no attachments needed.

3 Wheel Travel System

Strollers generally only feature three wheels when it comes to jogging strollers, but other companies are getting on board with his option now, too.

Three wheeled strollers offer better maneuverability, making it easier to get around tight corners or make sharp turns. This is a fantastic option when jogging or hiking a twisted path but can be just as useful when navigating the mall on a Saturday afternoon.

The front wheel can swivel and steer the stroller while the back wheels are fixed in place. The back wheels are where most of the stability will come from and they will support the load as well.

Many people worry that a three wheeled stroller will be easier to knock over, but provided the back wheels are larger than the front wheel, this shouldn’t be a concern.

With a three wheeled travel system, you can just as easily go for a run as you can take a leisurely stroll around the park.

Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35


As a new parent, you will find yourself loading and unloading the stroller from your vehicle repeatedly. At just 17 pounds, you won’t need to worry about breaking your back while moving the Britax 2017 B-Agile stroller around. The lightweight frame is made from aluminum, and because of this it is easy to maneuver.

Some travel systems fold to the ground, requiring you to bend over to pick them up and load them in the car, but this travel system doesn’t have this problem. Instead, when folded the Britax 2107 B-Agile remains standing, allowing you to easily move it into the car.

The stroller seat is adjustable between a fully seated position and a fully reclined position as well as all points between. The five-point harness keeps your baby safely strapped in, and the parking brake keeps the stroller in place. There is a shade canopy and a large storage basket.

The B-Safe 35 car seat that comes with this travel system is an extremely safe seat for your little one. It can be easily adjusted as your baby grows and will accommodate your baby from 4 pounds up to 35 pounds. This seat features a SafeCell Impact Protection system that Britax has designed to ensure your baby has a safe ride.

The car seat snaps into the stroller frame via the Click & Go receivers that quickly and easily attach the components together.

Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Travel System


As already stated, Chicco is well known for their excellent products when it comes to strollers and car seats, so it is no surprise to see them on our list again.

The Chicco Viaro is a travel system that has a design that is a bit sportier than others they offer, and it has proven popular. It is slimmer and more lightweight than some of Chicco’s other offerings and is designed with an urban family in mind.

The stroller features wheels that are sturdy and can travel well on various types of terrain. The lightweight stroller is 18 pounds and has two fixed rear wheels and a front wheel that is able to easily swivel and turn allowing for maximum maneuverability.

It takes just one hand to fold this stroller up, and when folded it takes up 13.5 x 25.5 x 33.25 inches. It can be a bit bulky for a compact car, but should fit nicely in a normal size car, SUV or minivan.

The car seat that comes with this stroller is Chicco’s KeyFit 30. This car seat is highly recommended by NICU nurses and is great for small babies. The weight limits on this car seat are 4 pounds up to 30 pounds. The harness is easily adjustable as your baby grows, as well.

Jogger Strollers With Car Seat

It can often be difficult to get back into the routine of exercising once your baby has arrived, especially once you realize just how much gear it takes to get anything done without having to hire a babysitter. Thankfully, there are options these days.

You can get back to the jogging trails as soon as you’re cleared by your doctor when you’ve thought ahead and purchased a jogger stroller and car seat combo. Instead of needing to buy multiple strollers to accommodate all your activities and needs, you can utilize this one that can meet multiple needs.

Simply attach your baby’s car seat to the jogger stroller and hit the pavement. When you are through with your cardio, you can put the baby back in the car, fold up the stroller and hit up your playdates or grocery trip without having to stop back by the house for a different stroller.

Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger


When you see the name Graco, you know the topic is going to involve caring for your baby. Graco has long been known as a company that is well invested in the care and well being of babies, and when it comes to their strollers and car seats they have worked hard to ensure safety is number one.

This jogger stroller uses rubber tires that need to be properly aired. When correctly maintained, the ride will be comfortable and smooth for your baby whether you are jogging on a trail or walking through the grocery store. The front wheel can be left free to swivel or can lock in place, depending on your needs.

The stroller’s seat features extra padding to ensure a soft and comforting ride for your little one. The seat also has a five-point safety harness to keep your baby secured and can easily adjust into multiple positions including a reclined position.

The stroller easily folds up and does so almost automatically when you pull on the handle strap. When it is folded you can lock it in place. At 30 pounds it is a bit heavier than some other options, but it is still easy to move around.

The stroller is compatible with the Grace SnugRide Click Connect 35 or 35 LX that clicks into place on the jogger. It holds a child from 4 pounds to 35 pounds and clicks into place in the car seat base as well.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger


When it comes to jogger strollers, you’ll quickly notice that they can cost quite a bit. If you are looking for an option that will give you the best bang for your buck, look no further than the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger.

The wheels of this jogger are large and are made of the same material that you find on bicycle tires, so you will notice that the tread is thick and durable. The front wheel can be locked in place or it can be left free to turn and swivel depending on your preference. The wheels allow the stroller to maneuver well on smooth sidewalks as well as bumpy terrain. And your baby will still have a smooth ride.

There is a five-point harness to keep your little one secured, and the straps are adjustable. The seat in this stroller is easy to adjust with one hand and can be reclined so that your little one can nap while you are jogging. The seat is ventilated in the back, to keep your baby cool even on a long trek, but don’t worry, it can be covered if there is a chill in the air.

There is a sunshade, plenty of storage and foot brakes by each rear tire. You can easily fold the stroller up with two hands and it will lock in place.

The car seat will fit babies from birth through 35 pounds and attached easily to the stroller.

Double Strollers With Car Seat


When you have more than one child, it can be hard to find options that won’t break the bank when it comes to strollers. If you’ve got a new baby as well as a young toddler that still needs to be contained in a stroller, then a double stroller that can accommodate a car seat is a good option for you.

There are many different types of double strollers that can meet your needs, whether they be side by side strollers, travel system strollers, or strollers where you children can both ride but in different ways.

In today’s market, you will never be without options when it comes to strollers, including double strollers with car seats. No matter your budget or your needs, you can definitely find a double stroller that will work for you and your family.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double


Baby Trend easily makes our list again with yet another great product. One of the first companies to manufacture a Sit n Stand stroller option, Baby Trend understands the needs of parents with multiple young children. This is evident in the Sit n Stand Double stroller we are looking at here.

No matter what configuration you need, it is likely that this stroller can do it. The Sit n Stand can hold two infant seats, or it can hold one infant seat and one toddler, or it can hold two toddlers, or it can even hold one toddler and one older child.

The seats feature five-point safety harnesses to ensure your children are safely strapped in. There is plenty of padding to make sure your babies have a comfortable ride.

For a double stroller, the Sit N Stand is incredibly compact and will easily fold to fit in your trunk space. It does weight over 30 pounds, but you can’t expect a double stroller to be lightweight. The folding mechanism is simple to operate as well and requires only one hand. There is a rear foot brake so that you can anchor the stroller in place if necessary, and there is plenty of storage space in the basket located under the seats.

Many different types of car seats will work with this stroller, making it a great option for your growing and changing family.


A stroller is one of the most expensive items you will buy for your child, and it will get a lot of use. You don’t want to just walk into a store and walk out with any old stroller. There are many things you need to take into consideration before spending money on this item. Let’s take a look at some of these considerations now.

Is it safe?

Safety is the most important consideration when buying anything for your baby. You want to be sure that the frame of the stroller locks safely into place and that there is no chance of accidental collapse. Ensure there are no pinch points, no sharp edges and nothing sticking out that could hurt you or your child.

Another item that falls under the safety category is the harness in the actual seat. You want to look for a five point safety harness. This type of harness secures your child in place at five different points (over the shoulders, around the waist and between the legs). The buckle should be easy for you to unhook, but not for your child to tamper with.

Is it adjustable?

There are a few different points on any stroller where adjustability will make a world of difference.

The seat of the stroller should be adjustable to accommodate babies of different sizes and development stages. A newborn must be able to lie nearly flat until they have head control and can sit on their own. A reclining seat is a plus for older babies as well, because it makes nap time easier while you are out and about.

Check to see if the handle is adjustable to different heights. Many strollers feature a handle that can be adjusted so that several different people can push the baby around without sacrificing comfort.

What features are there?

Having extras isn’t a necessity, but it does help. When you spend much of your time pushing a stroller, you will be thankful for some of the extras that some options have.

Is there storage space? Diaper bags can get heavy, and when hung from the handles they can tip strollers. Make sure your stroller has adequate storage space underneath.

Look for options that have parent trays to hold drinks, your phone and other items.

A sun canopy is useful, and many strollers have windscreen as well.

One handed folds and step brakes make life easier, as well.


As you can see, there are an amazing variety of strollers for you to choose from. No matter what your needs are, you can definitely find an option that will accommodate both you and your baby and you don’t have to break the bank to do so.