Introducing Best Car Buffing Machines

Just like you need a session of pedicure every once in a while similarly your cars needs a session of polishing and compounding to glow its unique beauty. A dull cars which is full of scratches is not worth a few pennies. Since you spend thousands of dollars, hard earned money, on your cars so it’s time to glitter it with some best car buffers.

Beware!! Poor quality car polishing buffers will not only give unsatisfactory results but it may result in to further devouring the paint of your car to certainly more pathetic condition.

For me car is an asset and definitely I don’t intend to compromise the quality of it by using cheap and low quality compounds or polishing buffers. Don’t waste your time and money on useless ones. In the following article I’ll be sharing my best experience with you on how I got one of the best ones in the market having constant speed and high rpm motor. Not only this, following I’ve mentioned the 10 best reliable and durable ones available in the market.

You may get plenty of options in the market however to ensure long lasting shine for your cars, it’s better not to risk it with cheap products. Get a better idea of car buffer through personal customer and user’s reviews as per following.

Here are the Top 10 Car Buffers Available in Market:

PORTER CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

PORTER CABLE is one of my favorite products when it comes to car polishers and compounding. I trust PORTER CABLE for my cars because of its durability and efficiency. Here’s a unique thing about PORTER CABLE, it has option for variable speed adjustment. Now you can pace up the rotator according to the requirement of your cars with constant speed and high rpm. According to certain reviews the delicate parts of a cars need precise polishing and compounding to bring back its shine and glittering look, that’s all best taken care of with PORTER CABLE.

The option of adjustable rotation speed per minute varies from brand to brand. PORTER CABLE car buffers offers the electronic speed of its dial from 2500 to 6800 orbits per minute, which is considerably the highest speed you can get from best car buffers.

Key Features

  • 1. Here’s a unique feature that PORTER CABLE has added to its product lately and personally I love it. The Porter cable has dual adjustable handle. Regardless of you being  right handed or left handed person, Porter Cable is best and perfectly changeable car polisher according to your strong arm and comfort level.
  • 2. According to certain reviews the top of the Porter cable is attached to a 6 inch long polishing pad.

With a 6 inch wide polishing pad, now you can polish your cars in relatively lesser time and not only this, it is also more efficient in comparison to the conventional ones.

Electronic Cord

Equipped with a 10 feet long electronic cord, Porter Cable makes it easy and hassle free to reach either side of the car and get that fine shiny look for my cars. Oh! Here’s a catch for you, mind the weight of your car buffers. Don’t fall for the heavy weight thinking of them as of good quality and stability at constant speed and high rpm motor.

Weight off the Porter cable car is one of its distinguishing features.

The weight DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Ones

According to certain reviews DEWALT DWP849X is one of the most rugged products in the market. Dewalt itself is a company renowned in the market for its durable yet sharply precise products. When I personally had one of these “The DEWALT DWP849X” masterpieces, I know I had a professional gadget exactly designed for my cars. The uniqueness of DEWALT DWP849X goes beyond the limits of my cars, as it can also be used for SUVs and 4×4’s to get that shiny sparkling look at a constant speed and high rpm.

Entirely depending on the nature of the surface and roughness of the cars, the rotation speed of the car buffers can be adjusted accordingly. Its speed ranges from 0 to 3000 rounds per minute, undoubtedly making it effective and efficient for any cars best surface.


The electronic thread ranges up to 11 feet which actually rules out the question of its accessibility. Just plug it in and get that dazzling look for your car that you’ve always dreamt of. For a guy like me, the look of my cars matters a lot to me. Therefore according to certain reviews in order to keep my car’s dazzling looks I settle for nothing less than the best.

Key Features

  • 1. DEWALT DWP849X actually meets my requirements. Its woolen rotator keeps my car from further deterioration. Not only this, it also avoids the imperfections of my car’s surface.
  • 2. Unlike many conventional, its woolen rotator keeps a better surface grip while others fail to give reasonable results after using only a dozen times.

The weight of the DEWALT DWP849X is 6.7 lbs. which makes it one of the elite and best gadgets that have a performance of heavy electronic machines yet weigh so light.

Motor Power

In short, DEWALT DWP849X is a powerhouse that has the capability to fulfill your adverse needs and requirements when it comes to the fine and shiny glittering look of your car. With the motor power of 12 Amp, scratches don’t hold a chance anymore.   

Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital

Since I had my first car, I was very conscious about its maintenance and outlook. Luckily I got my hands on Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Buffers and since then I have switched couple of cars, yet Griot’s Garage Random Orbital has been my first choice. Talking of comfortable and practicable usage, Griot’s Garage Random Orbital is coated with rubberized palm placements which allow more than satisfactory polishing experience even after using it after plenty of times for your best car.

Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Buffer Polisher is equipped with a 10 feet electronic cord which makes it easily accessible and feasible for usage in garages.

Electronic Cord

According to certain reviews in a place with limited power supply options or switches, Griot’s Garage’s 10 feet long electric wire comes in handy. Unlike most of the buffers available in the market, Griot’s Garage Random Orbital comes in with a distinguished and unique feature of such powerful amp.

Handle Options

Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Buffers Polisher has 6 different flexible options to fit its handle in accordance to your need and usage. It’s different handle positions makes it feasible to use for people of all height at a constant speed and high rpm motor and not only this, Griot’s Garage Random Orbital feature of adjustable handle also comes in handy with cars or SUVs of different heights.

The motor of Griot’s Garage Random Orbital is of 7 AMP which makes it a very powerful amp and effective option when it comes to removal of swirl marks and scratches to bring back the best shine of a brand new car.

Key Features

  • 1. The Woolen rotator head of the Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Buffers is equipped with a 6 inch radius woolen pad which does all the magic for you, making your car shine all bright and sparkling. Make the right choice for your car’s flattering looks.
  • 2. According to certain reviews accessibility is not even a question when it comes to Griot’s Garage Random Orbital.    

Flex XC3401VRG Positive Drive Rotary-Orbital Buffer Polisher

Flex Positive Drive Rotatory is a unique and appraisable combination of latest technological and efficient results. Flex Positive Drive Rotatory is equipped with the rotational moving Woolen rotator. This latest rotational orbital technology is not only more effective in comparison to the conventional car polishing buffers but it consumes lesser time to give even better results at your best car.

Woolen Rotator

Flex Positive Drive Rotatory has a six inch diameter of Woolen rotator rotation which covers a wider width and provides an unmatchable scratches sparkling car polish.

In my personal experience, the rotation speed of the Woolen rotator is an important determinant while choosing best car buffers for polishing.

Flex Positive Drive Rotatory has a rotation speed of 160 to 480 rounds per minute, which is adjustable according to the user’s requirements at constant speed and high rpm also.

Key Features

  • 1. The higher rotational speed will get the job done earlier than the conventional ones. According to certain reviews this is one of the primary reasons for my choice of Flex Positive Drive Rotatory as my buffers.
  • 2. Undoubtedly, the pursuit of getting best suitable and durable was a hectic issue for me. I nearly tried every single car polisher in the market when I got my hands on Flex Positive Drive Rotatory.

Lastly, the weight of Flex Positive Drive Rotatory is just 5.7 lbs. which make it one of the lightest car polishing buffers.

Their light weight reflects to the fact that it is easier to carry around and use for a longer time without getting fatigued or straining your arm after a long term usage.

Temperature Sensor

Flex Positive Drive Rotatory has a built in temperature sensor which switches the entire machine down and avoids Woolen rotator from rotating, in case of overheating in temperature sensitive surfaces which may led to destruction of your car’s body paint. The sense of its durability and resilience can be determined by the fact that the Flex Positive Drive Rotatory comes with a long term insurance which reflects to an assurance of its quality.  

Milwaukee 5460-6 7-Inch/9-Inch with Electronic Speed Control

Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control Polisher is a China made masterpiece. Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control is specifically designed to fulfill your polishing and compounding needs not only for a typical car but also for other vehicles as well. I do understand that there is an element of stereotype regarding the China made products however, let me assure you that in my personal use this Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control is for a year now and it hasn’t disappointed me.

Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control is equipped with a powerful amp motor of 11 Amp which is more than enough for a car buffers to work at its optimum level and give a scratch less shiny car.

Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control has an option to adjust its speed according to the need and condition of your car. Its variable speed trigger customizes the speed of the Woolen rotator to give a thorough polishing and compounding effect on the scratched parts of best car through constant speed and high rpm motor.   

With the help of a powerful amp motor of 11 Amp, Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control has a Woolen rotator of 7 inches diameter which covers a handful of portion of your car in one go.

Key Features

  • 1. According to certain reviews this 7 inch woolen rotator not only saves time by covering more area but it also gives efficient scratch less look to your car.
  • 2. Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control is coated with glass and nylon handles which doesn’t only make it easy to carry and use instead it also gives it a durability advantages over conventional ones.

Heat Control Mechanism

If you surf on internet, you’ll find that people used to complain about these car polishing buffers to heat up after using it for couple of minutes. However the Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control is equipped with glass body and nylon rubber which avoids heating of amp motor. This capability of Milwaukee Electronic Speed Control of heat resistance quality makes it one of my exclusive choices in the car polisher’s gadgets when it comes to best car.  

Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Sander

Makita Electronic Sander is one of a kind gadget. With its dual dial speed control ability, Makita Electronic Sander is one of the elite technologically equipped electronic ones for me. Makita Electronic Sander has a speed controller which gives you an option to adjust speed variability in accordance to the equipment you are applying it on and on its physical surface condition prior to amp motor usage.

The unique feature of dual activity gadget of Makita Electronic Sander is supported by a 10 Amp motor which is capable of tacking load of both being a sander as per needed.

Secondly it comes with a fixed constant speed and high rpm options at which the woolen polisher rotates at a constant speed and high rpm and saves you the hassle of continuously varying the speed of the dial.

Makita Electronic Sander weighs only 13.6 ounces.


Its light weight motor makes it easy to carry and operate around for a longer time period without concerning about straining your arm while using powerful amp motor. According to certain reviews the extra accessories necessary for Makita Electronic Sander to act smoothly are complementary and are placed within the gadget box. These accessories include a woolen loop pad, hook and side handles. Makita Electronic Sander is a complete package that can be alternatively used for polishing or compounding of not only cars but also mirrors and fiber glass gadgets as well. 

Sander & Polishing

Makita Electronic Sander is a multi-purpose electronic gadget which can be alternatively used as a sander upon your requirement. I’ve known friends who have been using it not only on cars but on their boats as well to give them a newer and shining glittery look. It’s unique built helped them switch it according to the type of usage as it is entirely adaptable to the change or even at constant speed and high rpm.

Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher

For me time is money and I don’t intend to waste it on useless stuff. It usually took me almost an hour to polish my car occasionally. Often I used to procrastinate polishing my car due to its time consuming and extra effort required for it. Eventually I came across this powerful amp yet amazing car buffers Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power. Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power introduced me to a world of effortless and fatigueless car polishing.

Torque Movement

The torque produced from the woolen polisher as a result of its rotation can be managed through a speed dial now. Now, this adjustable speed torque helps me in polishing my car in relatively couple of minutes rather than nearly an hour. Not only this, this efficiency comes in coordination with undeniably perfect results in form of polished shiny car.
Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power comes with a D shaped handle, in contrast to conventional handle attached to the side of the machine.

Handle Shape

This D shaped handle makes polishing more convenient through Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power. By adjusting the handle in accordance to your comfort level you can get rid of this torturing process of car polishing forever using amp motor. According to certain reviews the Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power is ergonomically designed in a way to use less force and be more effective in comparison to the traditional car polishers available in the market.

I am often in hurry due to my busy professional schedule which results in to overlooking scratches of my car. So, once I get my hands on the it, I tend to get rid of these scratches as quickly as possible. This issue of mine was well tackled by Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power. According to certain reviews Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power has an extensive feature of adjusting the speed of its woolen dial.

The speed of Meguiar’s MT300 Pro Power’s speed dial varies from 3000 to 7500 orbits per minute. With this speed, my car scratches vanish like Puff! 

Ryobi P435 with 2500 RPM

Ryobi P435 itself is a trustworthy and renowned brand therefore before buying Ryobi P435 I had a reasonable idea that it will be a durable product to help me get rid of scratches on my car and give it a glittering look. When I first used it nearly half a dozen weeks ago, Ryobi P435 felt so light and easy to carry around in contrast to the conventional ones that I’ve been using previously.
Ryobi P435 weighs approximately around 4.3 pounds, which makes it feel like a feather when using even on rough surface of the car.


Are you tired of handling cords and wires of your car buffers? Often they’re either too short or too long, making it hectic to use in a confined place. This issue is well tackled by Ryobi P435. One of the reasons for Ryobi P435 being nearly weightless is its 18 volts battery. The battery is well equipped and has a potential sufficient enough to handle the scratches of a car.
This cordless Ryobi P435 has the ability to generate the orbiting speed of 2500 per minute which is more than enough for an average car.


Ryobi P435 is a wireless ones, making it one of its kinds. It’s a whole package with light weight car buffers and cordless gadget which gives you an additional advantage to carry it around long tours.

Say goodbye to the fatigue and strain of your arm after using it because Ryobi P435 got it handled for us. Don’t get confused by a stereotypical mentality that lightweight machinery is not durable enough for long term usage. I’ve been using it now for almost a year and Ryobi P435 hasn’t disappointed me. 

TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher Kit

In this digital world, TORQ Random Orbital comes in a digitalized form now. Get over those boring ones once and for all, as I did nearly a year ago. TORQ Random Orbital has a digital display which helps me in monitoring the speed of the woolen dial. TORQ Random Orbital is well equipped amp motor with a battery of 120 volts which is sufficient to power the digital display along with the speed of woolen dial for the scratches look of the car.

Key Features

  • 1. Last but not the least, the TORQ Random Orbital comes in a full fledge package for us. Realizing the changing needs of the public, the TORQ Random Orbital comes in with an extensive power band range.
  • 2. The package of TORQ Random Orbital contains a kit that holds two polishes for your car’s exclusive needs for a scratch less fancy look. Along with this, the kit contains 3 woolen pads that can be replaced in accordance to the car surface you are dealing with.   


One of the stands out features about TORQ Random Orbital Buffer is that it is well engineered in accordance to the total weight of it. The well balanced internal equipment’s make TORQ Random Orbital Buffer not only lightweight but also digitally upgraded model for the new generation. This superb combination of lightweight and technologically advanced machine makes it to the top of the list in my preferences for car buffers.

The power band range varies from 2800 to 7800 rounds per minute.

This extensive power band range makes TORQ Random Orbital Buffer one of its kind machines when it comes to gadgets for scratch less polishing of cars. Being a technological masterpiece, TORQ Random Orbital model comes with an adjustable speed control feature for the car which can be adjusted in accordance to the need of the car surface and compounding need of the car.

WEN 6010 6-Inch Waxer/Polisher

WEN 6010 Model Waxer and Polisher is a unique car buffers designed specifically for the changing needs and requirements of the cars of this century. WEN 6010 model is small enough to fit in to your palm. Its small size makes it easy to apply on the rough surfaces and interestingly its small size has resulted into enhanced results in comparison to the traditional amp motors.

This palm sized WEN 6010 car waxer is equipped with a high performance battery of 120 Volts which has the capability to be used alternatively for polishing, compounding and waxer machine as well.

Key Features

  • 1. The WEN 6010 car polisher is attached to a 6 inch woolen cloth bonnet. The six inch size of bonnet doesn’t only cover more surface of car but it also consumes lesser time to attain the desired polish and shiny looks of your car.
  • 2. Despite its small size, the woolen bonnet of WEN 6010 car polisher is equipped with a strong motor which makes it rotate at a speed of 4000 rounds per minute, which is enough to cater a car’s requirements.

Ergonomic Design

The WEN 6010 is ergonomically designed and engineered in a perfect harmony with human palm due to which it fits comfortably in the palm.
It’s unique design makes it comfortable and easier to use in comparison to the mighty car buffers which are not only hectic to use but also harder to carry around for polishing or waxing.  


Why do I need It?

Before I had it for polishing and compounding, I used to ask myself that is it really necessary? Is it worth my money? But I was left in an utter awe when I had first look at my car after using it. You can get that shine and the glittery look of a new car as if it is just brought out of showroom recently.

Secondly, all these scratches and marks devalued my car. The confidence I had while driving my well compounded and polished car was priceless. I believe every car deserves a well-polished outlook and compounded surface once in a while.

Whether Wax is a preferable option or Polish?

Wax and polish are two commonly used adhesive solutions to get the shiny and glossy look of the car. However, each of the either has its own pros and cons. You may decide upon your preference and need of the car.

Generally, a wax is used to fill in the scratches and imperfect patches on the cars surface to blend in with the look of rest of the car using amp motor.
It gives a look to the car as if it’s just washed. In the meanwhile polish is used to get glittery look for your car due to its enhancing oily ingredients, which makes your look as if it’s painted.

What Type Should I Use?

If you go search in the market about buffers you might get your hands on following three options. Either it will be a typical rotatory ones, Orbital ones or the latest dual action power system ones.


The name rotatory is a self-explanatory. The movement of the woolen one is in a rotation.

That rotation is generally in an anti-clockwise direction.

This movement is assisted by a power source or a battery that makes it rotate at a certain speed. This speed can also be adjusted in accordance to the need of the car.


As the technology advanced, so did they. In contrary to the rotatory where there’s a specific anti-clockwise movement, the orbital ones have two different mechanisms working at a same time. The polishing pad has both rotation and buffing phenomenon working at the same time. The orbital ones are in a round shape which assists both the movements perfectly.

This eccentric movement of orbital requires less effort or force by the worker and makes it easier to use.

In the meanwhile it keeps the polishing pad’s movement smooth and unhindered. Eventually, getting results as they were expected.

Dual Action Buffer

Recently, the trend has been shifted towards the dual action power system car buffers. The dual action power system car buffers oscillate rather than conventional rotatory ones. This oscillatory movement helps in two different ways. Firstly, it puts pressure on the surface which waves off the rusted area or scratches. Secondly, it also polishes the surface through its dual action power system. This action doesn’t only make it less time consuming but also gives expected results.Its dual action power system makes it light in weight thus enabling it safe to be used by not only adults but teenagers as well.

Hence provided all the above information now you have a fair idea of it is available on the market shelves. Whether it is a rotational, orbit or a dual. Using the rotational you might get rid of the scratches that are at the top of the surface of car however, the deeper scratches will remain unattended, thus in the longer run the deeper scratches will remain visible.

If your car is relatively new and it doesn’t have deep scratches then rotational is a reasonable choice for now but not in the long run.

The orbit polishes the deep scratches and extensively compounds the effected part of the car however; the dual action power system car buffers are advanced form of it. They not only polish the scratched surface but it also removes the unevenness of the car surface. This makes it a preferable choice when it comes to the choice of long duration appropriate ones.

Dos and Don'ts for First Time Buyers:

Whether you’re a first time buyer, weighing your options for a perfect ones or an old customer who is unsatisfied with the present one. Here are certain factors that you should consider before you get your hands on the perfect buffer in accordance to your needs.

Firstly you need to know the condition of your car surface for which you’ll be buying a it.

As mentioned above, if your car is relatively new then you can get going with a reasonable rotatory however, if your car is old and contains uneven surface with plenty of scratches then dual action car buffers are the most suitable option for your car.

Comparatively the latest ones are lighter in weight and have greater rotational speed in comparison to the old school out dated ones.

As a result of which they have higher vibration which makes it difficult to use. Make sure that the one you buy has the aforementioned qualities before you pay hefty amount of money to these ones.

Why Should I be waxing my car?

So I often come across this question that what’s the use of waxing and polishing your car so frequently. A simple wash would do the work. Well yes washing will do the work but not for long and once you realize that, it will be too late. If you habitually wax and polish your car, the biggest benefit you’ll have is that the life span of your car’s paint will not only be enhanced but also preserved in comparison to other vehicles.

Just before waxing your car, make sure that the woolen buff is well stretched and not hard enough to further effect the paint from the vehicle’s surface. 


  • The buffers and polish market is full of cheap and unreliable products. Before you choose one, make sure that it is durable and gets you realistic results. Make sure that you know about the condition of your car and the surface nature upon which you’ll be applying for compounding and polishing.
  • The aforementioned top 10 are the most reliable and durable ones available in the market. The technological advancements have influenced the rotator from rotatory to orbital movement however few also contains dual action features. If you’re first time buyer, make sure you give each potential gadget a thorough read and get the most appropriate one which suites the condition of your car.
  • Every gadget has its own pros and cons. As certain buffers suite certain needs while other are made for particular requirements of the customer.
  • Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your buffer is equipped with at least an 8 Volt battery to assist the energy requirements of the buffer.
  • Secondly, the woolen pads are soft enough to compound and polish the car’s surface rather than so hard that they further leave marks in addition to scratches on the cars.